Daniel Jong Schwekendiek: Profile

Full Name
Daniel Jong Schwekendiek 



Research Specialization 
Socio-economic and bio-demographic development in the two Koreas 

• Dr. [German PhD], Faculty of Economics, University of Tuebingen, 2007 
• Dipl. [German BA+MA], Faculty of Economics, University of Tuebingen, 2003 

Current Affiliations 
• Tenured Full Professor, Graduate School of East Asian Studies, Sungkyunkwan University 
• Research Member, Global Working Group on Human Capital and Economic Opportunity, University of Chicago 
• Research Associate, Unit for Biocultural Variation and Obesity, University of Oxford 

Academic Career 
• Professor, Sungkyunkwan University, 2011-present 
• Researcher, University of California-Berkeley, 2010-2011 
• Researcher, University of Oxford, 2009-2010 
• Researcher, Seoul National University, 2007-2009 

Research Contributions 
• Data Analysis Contributor, The Economist's Data Team 
• Data Set Contributor, International Economic History Association 
• Data Analysis Contributor, UN World Health Organization 
• Survey Coordinator, Korean Ministry of Health and Welfare

• Awarded a Wristwatch by the President of the Republic of Korea 
• Albert Nelson Marquis Lifetime Achievement Award 
• Selected for the Academic Reputation Survey for the THE World University Rankings